The Division Hacks

The Division Hacks

Hacks are always controversial. After all, they represent a way of playing a game that wasn’t necessarily intended by the game’s creator. Hacks do, however, create a unique way of looking at the systems of a game and how they can be exploited. Whether you’re using hacks or not, though, you’re going to encounter them in a game like The Division. It’s important that you know about these hacks, both so you can determine if they’re something you want to use and so you can figure out when they’re being used against you. Below are a handful of the most common The Division PC hacks.

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There are few shooters out there that don’t have some kind of aimbot hack. These hacks are basic in the extreme, helping users to automatically hit a target even when they’re not aiming at the correct place. The sheer number of aimbots out there means that they can do anything from adding a bit of aim assist to guaranteeing headshots. You will absolutely encounter someone using this kind of hack in the Dark Zone at least once during your play through the game and most attempts at patching out this kind of hack are only temporary. Simply put, AimBots are the bread and butter of shooter hackers and they’ll always be around. If you don’t want to deal with them, keep an eye out for players who seem to be getting multiple quick kills without aiming.

Wall Scans/ESP

ESP is a kind of hack that’s particular to games like The Division. These hacks, also known as Wall Scans and Wallhacks, allow the player to see enemies and objects through walls. They’re incredibly useful in the Dark Zone as you might imagine, but they can also be useful in the story portions of the game. They radically change how tactics work and they can render attempts at stealth a moot point. They’re great for helping you to escape when you are pinned down by the enemy, though, and can give you an edge when you’re dealing with a better team. These hacks only give players an edge, though, and don’t guarantee a victory like some of the other hacks on the list.

Radar Hacks

Radar Hacks are similar to ESP, in that they give players a leg up on the competition. These The Division hacks tend to extend your area of awareness by putting more information on the in-game radar. In many cases, these hacks just give you a better idea of where enemies are hiding than you’d typically get from the game. As far as hacks go, this type is fairly benign – it helps you to better plan tactics, but can’t guarantee a kill no matter what else happens. If you’re looking for a hack to give you a leg up without taking the skill out of the game, this might be for you.


Scripts are an odd type of exploit. On one hand, they automate tasks that aren’t meant to be automated. On the other hand, they’re such an important part of the history of online gaming that many games other than The Division embrace them wholeheartedly. Scripts are generally considered unfair when they do things faster than a human can reasonably do them. If you decide to write a script to do basic actions easily, though, it’s hard to really call that cheating – it’s just making use of what’s already in the game in a clever way.

Speed Hacks

Speed hacks are a unique phenomenon that exists in online games. They take advantage of a disconnect between the player and the server to desynchronize the player character, helping it to appear to move more quickly or be rendered invisible during the course of game-play. This is a hack that absolutely only has value when playing against other people, and it’s something that can actually happen accidentally when there are server problems. It’s a good way to stay out of the line of fire or to escape when things get too tough, but it can also be a strong contender for abuse when paired with the right kinds of tactics.

God Mode

One thing you wouldn’t expect from a game like The Division is the possibility of a god-mode, but it does exist in the game. A client-side cheat, this cheat essentially gives the player unlimited health and ammunition. It’s perhaps the most game-breaking cheat in the game and one that’s cracked down on quickly every time it is discovered. If a player has this cheat activated, he or she is basically invincible. A great cheat for the low-skilled in the story portions of the game, it’s a true game-breaker once you get to places where others are likely to want to congregate. This one comes and goes, but it’s unlikely to ever be totally squashed by the developers.