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rust hacks

Cheating in online games is a bit of a tricky subject. After all, there are proponents on both sides. On one side, you have those who argue against those cheats in the name of fairness. These are the players who want games decided solely by skill, who value the purity of competition and want a game to be the same for everyone. Others, though, point out that fun is very subjective and tweaking the rules a bit can vastly improve the experience for some players. Rust is one online game that is full of those who use cheats, for good or for ill. It doesn’t matter on which side that you fall in this argument – only that you know what Rust hacks are out there and how they might impact game-play.

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Orientation Helper

This is one of the most benign Rust cheats out there. It can be very difficult to find your friends a game of Rust, especially if you aren’t very familiar with the game’s landmarks. All this particular hack does is give you a set of coordinates to help you pinpoint your exact location. While it can certainly be abused in certain situations, this is a fairly benign hack that isn’t likely to change the layout of any given game.

Door Hack

This one is a little evil, though it’s not going to result in many player deaths. This hack will let you automatically open every door in the game – even your own. This makes it trivial to raid outposts for supplies and take pretty much every bit of stored loot in the game in just a few quick trips. It makes defenses and a joke and ultimately changes the balance of power in favor of the players who choose to equip this hack.

Fly Hack

It wouldn’t be a first-person competitive game if someone didn’t figure out how to fly. This hack is almost silly in its simplicity, but it does change the nature of the game. When you fly, you’re generally out of reach of most other players and can get places you shouldn’t get. This makes it a great hack for those who want to explore the game’s world as well as those who want to get the drop on other players. Use this one if you want a totally different experience than was intended by the developers.


It should come as no surprise that there is an aimbot for Rust. After all, virtually any game that has a shooting mechanic will have this kind of hack at some point. If you’ve never seen an aimbot in action, the concept is simple – the player shoots and it hits an enemy, regardless of where they were aiming. While this is a special skill in some games, it is most often seen as an illegal cheat. Rust has its fair share of aimbots, some of which work better than others. It’s a surefire way to get a quick victory over an opponent, though not without some inherent risks.

3D Radar

This is another hack that can seem harmless, at least at first. 3D Radar gives you the position of everyone on the map in a 3D layout. A very simple feature that’s really only useful for those who want to hunt down others, it can be used for good or for ill. This cheat does do away with a major problem in Rust, though it can cause a few more on its own. If you absolutely need to track down others, this is the cheat that you want to use.

Client Crasher

While most other cheats have some kind of defense, this one is just mean. It goes back to the old days of the internet, overwhelming the chats of the other players in an attempt to crash their clients. This one will boot everyone, so it’s only used by those who want to cause trouble on a server. This ranks up there is a hack you only use to prove that you’ve got control, so don’t expect others to be happy if you trot it out. There are a few versions of the client crasher, so those who want to use it will always find ways around current protections.

As Rust is a multiplayer game, it’s important to remember that cheats aren’t allowed. If caught, you could get a server ban that ranges from days to a permanent ban. As such, you must always use these cheats at your own discretion.

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