Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Mount and Blade Warband cheats

Cheats were a huge part of gaming back in the glory days of the hobby. People didn’t cheat because they wanted to get ahead of other players, but rather because they wanted to do something fun and new in the game. For some, it was a matter of being able to see all the game had to offer. For others, it was a matter of changing up the gameplay experience. While most modern games are a little tough on the cheats for obvious reasons, there are still a few great games that allow players to play around with how the game works. One of the best is Mount and Blade Warband – and the cheats listed here can radically change your game-play experience.

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A Note on the Configuration Menu

As with many other PC games, you can’t just start entering cheats with wild abandon in Mount and Blade Warband. While Mount and Blade Warband cheats are actually fairly easy to use and require no outside programs, they will require you to enable a single setting.

To accomplish this feat, you’ll need to jump in and go to the game’s Configuration menu in the launcher. Once you’re there, click the Enable Cheats button and you’ll be good to use all of the cheats listed here!

1,000 Gold

Need more gold? This one is pretty easy – if you’ve got the settings set up correctly, you’ll just need to press CTRL + X. This will put one thousand gold in your inventory. Yes, you can enter this one multiple times for more gold.

Bonus Experience

Want more XP? You can get it quickly by hitting CTRL + X. This will give you one thousand experience every time it’s used, so it’s a great way to move forward in the game with relatively little effort.

Troop Knock Outs

It’s possible to knock out all of your troops in the game with a quick command. It’s just as easy, though, to knock out just one of them. To knock out a single troop, hit CTRL + F6. To knock out all of them, hit CTRL + SHIFT + F6. Want to knock out the enemy? It’s as easy as CTRL + ALT + F4.

Upgrade Weapon Proficiency

Sick of having to upgrade weapon proficiency the old-fashioned way? Make it faster by adding ten points automatically to your score. CTRL + W is all you need.

Full Heatlth

In a critical condition? Need to top off your health? This one’s easy – CTRL + H for full health. If you need to top up you’re horse’s health, you can do that one with CTRL + SHIFT + H.

Hurt Yourself and Others

Feel like you’ve got too much health? Think your allies are a little too strong? Good news – there’s a cheat for that. Hurt yourself and others by hitting CTRL + F3.

Automated Battles

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch the carnage. Hit CTRL + F5 if you want to let the AI take over your fights instead of doing them yourself.


If you don’t just want to knock out the enemy, you can kill them immediately with this cheat. Hit CTRL + F4 to automatically kill any enemy in the game.

Instant Travel

Tired of waiting for your unit to move from one place to another? CTRL + Left Click will teleport you directly to the location of your cursor. This isn’t just great for saving time – it’s also a good way to get out of bad fights and to deal with any clipping issues.

Time Control

The final set of cheats will actually let you control time in the game. If you think things need to slow down a bit, just hit CTRL + F9 in order to enter slow motion. Need things to speed up? Just hit CTRL + Space in order to send things into fast-forward mode. If you need a few minutes to think or you just want to see what everything looks like at a full stop, you can stop time by pressing CTRL + F11.

These Mount and Blade cheats are spectacular because they’re all integrated into the game. You can also edit the game’s registry files to enable a few more options, but almost everything you’d want to change in the game can be done from the cheat list above. Whether you are looking to get through some tougher fights or you just want to see what it looks like when everyone on the screen gets knocked down at once, these cheats will all let you play the game the way that you want it to be played.