Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats

kingdom come deliverance cheats

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that, at its heart, is about realism. An attempt to bring players into a medieval European world that’s less Dungeons and Dragons and more Wars of Religion, it does a great job of providing players with a solid challenge and not holding their hands. If you’ve already beaten the game, though, you may want to try playing around on your own terms. That, fortunately, is where cheats come in.

It’s necessary to note that Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn’t have the traditional cheat codes that you can simply activate during the game. Instead, it has a number of console commands that can both subtly and radically change the way that the game works. If you’re looking for cheats, then, you’re going to find them running under the game’s hood.

What do you think are the best cheats in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Basic Console Commands

The basic cheats for Kingdom Come: Deliverance aren’t necessarily the same kind of cheats that most people think of when cheating in video games. They don’t add invincibility or give your player powers – instead, they tend to change the way that you interact with the game.

To activate any of these codes, you’ll need to press the tilde (~) key and then type in the code precisely as listed here.

Information Cheats

Most of the cheats in this game will change the way that your screen looks. They’ll give you more or less information, helping you to either deepen your immersion or to get through some of the trickier bits of aiming. These cheats include:

  • Turn Off HUD – g_showHUD 0
  • Turn Off Compass – wh_ui_showCompass 0
  • Show Bow Cursor – wh_pl_showfirecursor 1
  • Hide Cursor – wh_ui_ShowCursor 0

Note that any code that hides an element can be reversed by typing in the same code but changing the 0 to a 1, while the opposite will turn the element back off.

Visual Cheats

Many of the cheats in this game are going to impact the performance of the game. Some of them have the side effect of changing the way that the game looks, which can help you with certain quests. It’s important to remember that many of the game’s options are designed to be changed in the game’s menu, so using any of these cheats can definitely make the game a bit more unstable.

The visual cheats for the game are:

  • Turn Off VSync – r_vsync 0
  • Turn Off Motion Blur – r_MotionBlur 0
  • Change View Distance – e_ViewDistRatio (number)
  • Change Tree View Distance – e_ViewDistRatioVegetation (1-500)
  • Change Plant View Distance – e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist (1-20)

DevMode Cheats

Kingdom Come: Deliverance does have a handful of other console commands, all of which you’ll activate in the same way. What’s important to note, though, is that these commands all require you to have DevMode enabled. Why? Simply put, these commands were all removed from the official release of the game and none of them are actually meant to be activated. Note that this mode can only be enabled on Steam; if you’re playing the game on a different platform, you may not be able to use this workaround.

If you’re looking to break a few rules, though, adding DevMode is easy. Go to the launch options for your game in Steam and add -devmode when you set the launch options for the game. As always, make sure that you back things up before you make any changes.

Adding Items and Money to Inventory

One of the simplest ways to make the game easier is by adding the items you need (or the money you need to buy those items) to your inventory. While not gamebreaking, it can get you through some of the earlier quests and generally make the game more fun. Doing so still requires hitting the tilde key, after which you will enter the following codes:

  • Add an Item: wh_cheat_addItem (itemcode) (number)
  • Add Money: wh_cheat_money (number)

Note that ot add items, you’ll need the code for the individual item, which can generally be found with a quick search online.


This is the big cheat and the one that definitely makes the biggest difference for most players. If you want to enable invincibility, make sure to enter the code g_godmode 1. To turn it back off, enter g_godmode 0.

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