Age of Mythology Cheats

Age of Mythology cheats

Age of Mythology is making a comeback, bringing some of the best old-school RTS gameplay to new computers. With the return of this classic comes, of course, classic cheats. While most games might now lock cheats behind special menus or out-of-game hacks, Age of Mythology followed in the footsteps of some of its great predecessors by adding a combination of fun and silly cheats in the game itself. If you’re looking for some of the best Age of Mythology Extended Edition cheats or Titans cheats, you’ll find them here. To use the Age of Mythology cheats, press the Enter key to open the dialog box and press it again after you’re done. All cheats are case sensitive.

Resource Cheats

If you’ve ever played an old-school RTS, you know that resource gathering is a huge part of the game. It’s also incredibly tedious when you’re first starting out, functioning as a brake on the game’s speed. If you want to get a game going quickly, you can use one of these cheats to give yourself more resources and power:


ATM OF EREBUS: 1000 Gold

Map Cheats

Not happy with how the map looks in the game? If you’re willing to put in a few cheats, you’ll be able to change things around. These cheats are not only great for those who want to do a little scouting without having to build scouts, but they’re also great for those who want to return a feeling of mystery to the map. You can use these cheats interchangeably to turn on and off your view of the map around you.

LAY OF THE LAND: Reveals the map.
SET ASCENDANT: Reveals all the animals on the map.

Scenario Cheats

If you’re running through the game’s scenarios, you’ll get a view of some great stories and even some tidbits of great mythological information. Actually going through all the missions isn’t for everyone, though, especially if you already understand how to play the game. Using scenario cheats will make your life a little easier by allowing you to get by all the parts that just aren’t all that fun.

CHANNEL SURFING: Skips to the next scenario in the game.
THRILL OF VICTORY: Automatic win, regardless of what’s happened on the map.

Speed Cheats

There are also a number of cheats for those who aren’t all that happy with the pace of the game. Some might think that the game moves way too slow, while others might think it’s lightning fast. Some of these cheats impact everything in the game, while others are specific to certain types of actions. Regardless, these cheats will give you control of time.

CONSIDER THE INTERNET: Slows down the speed of the whole game.
IN DARKEST NIGHT: Turns day into night.
LET’S GO! NOW!: Increases the speed of the whole game.
L33T SUPA H4X0R: Fast building, training, and research speed.

Hero and Power Cheats

Need a little help with heroes and god powers? If so, you’re in luck – there are some great cheats here to help you out. Having hero units was fairly new to RTS games when the game originally came out, so actually getting the most out of these units can be tough. Your god powers, on the other hand, are a ton of fun and easy to use – but you’ve got to wait to use them. These cheats will change all of that.

BAWK BAWK BOOM: Gives a new god power – the chicken meteor
DIVINE INTERVENTION: Allows you to use an exhausted god power.
GODS CLASH: Allows you to use the god Osiris.
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA: Allows access to campaign heroes.
PANDORAS BOX: Gives random god powers.
WRATH OF THE GODS: Gives the god powers of Lightning, Earthquake, Tornado, and Meteor.

Funny Cheats

Of course, old-school RTS games really embraced humor. If you’ve played Age of Empires or Warcraft, you know that some of the best cheats are nothing more than jokes. In Age of Empires, though, some of these jokes can also be game-changers. These cheats allow you to do things ranging from the silly to the outright game-breaking, but they’re all a lot of fun. Note, though, that a few of these cheats can absolutely destroy your game and even lead to a loss state depending on the mode on which you are playing.

BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK: Summons Bessie the super-dog.
FEAR THE FORAGE: Brings berry bushes to life.
GOATUNHEIM: Turns all units on the map into goats, which kills your hero.
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!: Spawns a bunch of controllable monkeys.
O CANADA: Spawns a bear with lasers.
RED TIDE: Turns the water red.
TINES OF POWER: Spawns Fork Boy.
WUV WOO: Spawns a flying, purple hippo.