How To Keep A Gaming Laptop Healthy

Gaming laptops are very complex pieces of technology. Many PC gaming enthusiasts prefer laptops if they tend to play from anywhere. Every notebook contains a series of components that need to run smoothly so the computer can too. Consequently, it is important to clean and keep your gaming laptop healthy, so you can enjoy endless hours of gameplay.

With over years of experience building and supplying high-end gaming technology, the best gaming tips are an excellent resource to help you learn how to keep a gaming laptop healthy. In this guide, we provide tips to help you prolong the life of your laptop.


Clean Your Laptop

Gaming Laptop Healthy Cleaning

First off, it’s important that you clean your laptop regularly. Dust can build up in all areas of the device – particularly in fans and vents – which may prevent proper airflow, leading to overheating problems. The dirtier it gets inside, the more difficult it will be for heat to escape through the vents. Consequently, dust buildup leads to system failure and malfunctions. Overheating causes rapid wear on components like graphics cards and processor chips, so it’s best to keep the inside of your computer clean.

We recommend that you use the following tools and materials: A can of compressed air; A lint-free microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth (make sure it doesn’t leave any fibers behind); Cotton swabs; An antistatic wristband.

Caring For The Battery

Gaming Laptop Healthy - Battery

Laptop batteries are one of the most delicate parts of your device. They need to be handled with care because mishandling them may cause all sorts of problems like malfunctions, reduced battery life, and even fires. Cables and plugs should always be kept away from water and other liquids that could potentially damage internal components including the motherboard. If you do get liquid on or around your laptop, shut it off immediately. Remove the battery if possible then turn off your computer – unplug the power cord if there’s still power running to it – allow everything to dry out before trying to restart it again in any way.

It’s best to keep the exterior of the laptop clean with a microfiber cloth. If you want to use water on your laptop, make sure it’s completely dry before powering on again. Hold the power button down for at least 15 seconds after it shuts down to ensure all power is drained from components before attempting to restart again. Avoid using liquids around electronics if possible but if you do get some inside, don’t try to dry out your computer with heat because this may cause irreparable damage. If you notice any corrosion on metal parts by your battery or vents, have them replaced immediately at an authorized service center.

Maintaining Your Laptop’s Performance

Gaming Laptop Healthy - Maintenance

Last but not least comes the most important part of all: maintaining your laptop’s peak performance levels. You’ll need to do this every once in a while (at least once a month) to ensure that everything works smoothly and there are no problems with any components. We recommend you do this weekly if you’re using your laptop heavily throughout the day, performing many different tasks. If you don’t use your laptop often or only perform one task at a time, it may be enough for you to clean and maintain it once a month – but we still highly recommend doing so every week.

Prevention Is Key

Gaming Laptop Healthy - Key

In order to prevent accidents from damaging your precious laptop, we recommend taking some extra precautions: Always use a protective case. Make sure there’s good airflow around your device if possible – keep it elevated at all times so no liquids spill onto it by accident – keep surfaces level and free of any small objects that could easily fall onto the laptop. Keep your laptop away from places where dust, smoke, or other particles may build-up (e.g., vents) to avoid damaging components within the system.

Don’t eat while using your laptop or place food or drinks near it since even liquids may accidentally spill onto sensitive parts which can render them useless if not cleaned properly. Avoid blocking vents if you need to use your laptop for an extended period of time by setting it on a pillow or other surface so air can flow freely around its exterior.


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