How to Cool Laptop While Gaming

You might have already had a problem with overheating on your laptop, but when it comes to gaming you really want that extra push. To achieve this, many gamers will put their laptops on top of pillows or blankets in order to allow the fan mechanism more room. I bet you thought there was nothing else you could do right? Wrong! There is actually something very simple and cheap to try first before resorting to high-tech cooling pads.

One of the easiest ways to cool off your laptop is by applying a couple of changes to your current cooling methods. Decreasing the temperature on your laptop will make it run more efficiently and prolong its overall life span. If you are experiencing overheating issues, try the following steps by best gaming tips before purchasing new technology.

  • Turn off unnecessary programs running in the background, especially if they are not needed at that time because this can slow down processing power and raise temperatures. Windows task manager can be very helpful with this step.
  • Reduce screen brightness as much as possible because this also drains out processing power that could be used elsewhere.
  • Make sure your fan intake is clear of dust or any other materials that could block airflow which would prevent proper cooling.
  • If your laptop is new, it might just be that the software hasn’t been set up to run efficiently yet. To ensure maximum performance, allow the system a couple of days to update all of its features before expecting it to perform at top speed.

If none of these methods have worked for you, you should consider purchasing a cooling pad. These pads come in both wired and wireless versions. They are equipped with extra fans or heatsinks to ensure maximum airflow around your laptop while also protecting the bottom from scratches.

Cooling pads can be very helpful but they can also be very costly if your laptop is larger than normal or if it has more features such as a touchscreen display. A cheaper alternative would be to use standard household items like pillowcases and towels as makeshift cooling pads which will help lower temperatures without burning through all of your money at once.

Using a towel: 

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Place a large clean towel over the top of your closed laptop ensuring that it covers most of the body and place another smaller folded towel on the bottom as a protective barrier from scratches.

Using a pillowcase:

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Keep your laptop open and place it inside a clean pillowcase so that the fan intake side is facing outwards. This will help shield your laptop from outside particles while also allowing it to breathe more easily which will lower temperatures by about 5-8 degrees Celsius.

If you have tried all of these methods but are still experiencing overheating problems, you might consider buying a cheaper cooling pad because larger laptops often require more airflow than their smaller counterparts in order to keep cool.

Laptops such as gaming laptops or high-end multimedia models can be very costly and they need to run at their best speeds for optimal performance levels. Once electronic components overheat, they can become weaker or less responsive. This oftentimes causes programs to run slower and hardware to break down faster which will, eventually, cause the laptop to no longer function. Trying these simple steps first before buying new technology is a great way to ensure that your laptop works as efficiently as possible for many years.

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