How To Clean The Dust Out Of Your Laptop

One of the main advantages of using a laptop is that it can be moved around to different locations with ease, allowing users to work almost anywhere. This advantage also presents an inconvenience in that laptops are often at risk for collecting dust and debris inside their case or beneath keys on the keyboard. If you own a laptop whose insides have become dusty, follow the steps below to clean all parts inside your system safely. There are certain risks involved if you do not know what you are doing, so make sure to read each step carefully before starting any cleaning process.

Before Cleaning Your Laptop…

Make sure your computer is turned off before attempting any interior cleaning job on it Also, detach all cords connected to your laptop

Cleaning the Keyboard

Keyboard cleaning

Turn the laptop upside-down with the open side facing up. Shake it gently to remove loose, large particles of dust (do not shake too hard). Use an air duster can and direct it towards all areas between each key, especially in between keys that are often used. You may even consider removing some or all of the keys for a more complete cleaning inside each individual key’s mechanism.

To clean underneath the keys, you will need to use a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol. This is necessary because water from the cotton swab alone is not enough to remove dust from crevices and other areas on the keyboard that certain key combinations often expose. Apply a drop of alcohol into each affected area until it no longer appears wet. It is also a good idea to apply some alcohol around the outer edges of your laptop where debris tends to collect over time.

Once all components have been cleaned, place your laptop’s keys back in their original positions by snapping them onto the top of each key mechanism. Then turn your computer right-side up and shake it gently once more to get rid of excess particles that may not have been removed with the air duster.

Cleaning the Screen

Screen cleaning

Turn your laptop upside-down and remove any loose items from its surface. Using a cloth dampened with water, wipe along all edges of your computer’s screen to remove stains and debris as much as possible. Do not apply excess moisture as it may drip into crevices or electrical components inside your computer, which could pose major risks to its internal workings.

Allow the screen to dry before using it again. As an extra preventative measure, you can clean small fingerprints by wiping down each corner of the screen with a cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol and then immediately drying off any excess fluid after cleaning each section thoroughly. Lastly, remember to replace any objects that were removed from your laptop’s surface before turning it right-side-up again.

Cleaning the Laptop Case

Use a cloth dampened with water to gently wipe down all corners, crevices, and visible areas of dirt on either your laptop’s exterior or interior case. If necessary, you may apply extra moisture to help dissolve stains or other debris stuck in tight spaces. Allow components inside your computer to dry before powering it back on again to avoid accidental damage caused by excess humidity. Lastly, remember to replace any objects that were removed from your computer’s case before turning your system back over and shaking its insides loose once more.

Once all components have been cleaned, place any items you took out back onto your laptop’s case. Then turn your computer upside-down and shake it gently once more to get rid of any loose particles that may not have fallen out yet, or that may have been collected in small spaces inside your system.

Cleaning the Screen with a Monitor Cleaning Kit

Monitor cleaning kit for scree cleaning

Monitor cleaning kits are useful when you need to do general maintenance on all the items in this list at one time. It is also advisable to use these cleaners after carrying out manual laptop cleaning procedures described above (but only if necessary).

After removing your laptop’s battery, follow the instructions on your screen cleaner to dampen its cloth with a small amount of cleaning fluid. Then use it to clean along with all edges and visible sections of dirt around both your computer’s exterior and interior case, just as you would if using ordinary bottled rubbing alcohol or water. Please note that monitor cleaners typically contain isopropyl alcohol or even stronger components than what you can buy at stores for regular use (although they are usually safe for electronics).

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