Fortnite Beginners Guide to Win More Often

Fortnite Beginners Guide to Win More Often

Fortnite Battle Royale is undoubtedly an intriguing and distinctive game from Epic Games.

The game initially had a slow start, but since the addition of the new free-to-play function, it has grown significantly in acceptance and popularity. With nearly 40 million gamers having tried the game, it’s clear that this trend won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


Players inevitably return to Fortnite to get their battle royale fix despite the rising popularity of more recent games in the genre. But with so many veterans around, you might need to step up your game if you want to score that delectable Victory Royale.

Congratulations if you’re new to Fortnite; you’ve come to the right place to learn more about this. For your benefit, we have put together a list of beginner’s tips and tricks to guide you through to dominate Fortnite. If you want success in Fortnite, you might want to use fortnite hacks and tricks to hone your battle royale abilities.

Follow these guidelines to earn your first Victory Royal. It goes without saying that practice makes perfect in any game or mode

Customise the in-game settings

Switch to 60 frames per second, activate auto-fire mode (ideal for new players), adjust the touch and motion sensitivity sliders to your preference (with in mind that lesser sensitivity offers the most control over aiming), enable voice chat to collaborate with teammates more effectively, and enable visualisation sound effects.

Gather resources at the start

Fortnite is primarily played through construction. Although there is a “no build” option that is also highly enjoyable, most other modes—including ranked mode—involve construction, so getting practice in is crucial.

As you will undoubtedly see in certain games, building structures takes a lot of practice and, of course, a lot of resources, so don’t expect to learn how to do it in a couple of seconds.

Learning how to obtain wood, stone, and metal is a daily activity that you will have to become used to if you want to exist before you concentrate on construction. Although you will eventually gather nearly enough along the route, it is advised to always seek the world for the best possible material.

Discover and collect different weapons

The accuracy of your shot against your opponent is not something that cannot be guaranteed. This will depend on your luck. But you have five item spaces, as we told you at the outset. You have an axe with you from the start.

Despite being employed in combat, these do not cause a lot of damage. Finding at least one gun is a good idea. However, if you run out of ammunition, possessing various weapons will provide you with a solution.

Priority is given to arming yourself with a weapon. Purchase weapons that are appropriate for both long-range and close-quarters warfare, such as shotguns for short-range and snipers for long-range. Being discovered without a weapon is problematic.

Be on the move constantly

You will nearly always feel under pressure to keep going because the Fortnite games are made to keep up with a fast-paced environment.

You will not have enough weapons, bandages, ammunition, etc if you don’t keep moving. Everything is spread out across the map, therefore if you want to survive, you  must migrate.


And if you thought that moving in Fortnite was boring before you started playing, keep in mind that moving around the map is a big part of the game.

New mechanics like sliding and climbing on the edges of the walls have made moving around a lot more enjoyable now.

Watch out for the Storm

You have to keep an eye on the storm. If not, you risk suffering serious harm. After a few minutes, the region here gets smaller and smaller. You won’t have the same luck getting back in if you leave the safe area, and the storm will sweep you away. You must stay inside the protected area as a Fortnite Novice.

Avoid looking down. A fall from a height will quickly worsen your health. There are no ethereal walls or barriers in Fortnite to prevent you from collapsing. When building structures as a newbie in Fortnite, you should concentrate on escaping routes. Your game life is lost if an opponent attacks your constructions and causes you to fall off.

Playing covertly

Instead of being overly aggressive, play stealthily to ensure your survival. Try to hide and avoid letting the enemy players know where you are if you see them. Always inspect the area and walk or crouch (make as little noise as possible) before entering an open area if you see deserted houses and open doors.