Best Budget/Cheap Graphics Cards For 2021’s Gaming

If you’re a PC gamer, your graphics card is the one component in your computer that will have the most influence on your in-game performance. Whether you’re constructing a new budget-friendly gaming computer and want the most performance for your money, or you’re seeking to replace an existing system and just want a cheap choice that would let you play games in lower settings, the good news is that you have a few alternatives to pick from.

Best Gaming tips have researched three of the best inexpensive video cards under $200 in this article to provide you with affordable alternatives for your new build or upgrade. These cards will range in price from 1080P powerhouses capable of running any game at medium-ish settings on a budget 1080P display to ultra-cheap entry-level cards. It’s perfect for updating an older system that can’t run games on a 1080P screen anymore.

The Best Budget Graphics Cards, According to Our Experts

1. Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT

An RX 5500 XT is presently your best choice if you’re searching for the finest budget graphics card for around $200. You might be able to get an RX 590 or GTX 1660 for under $200 at times, but the RX 590 is hard to come by right now, and all GTX 1660s are above $200.

If you just have $200 to spend, the Gigabyte RX 5500 XT is the best option. This Gigabyte card has a 1647MHz base block and 8GB of VRAM, as well as Gigabyte’s dual-fan WINDFORCE 2X setup.

This RX 5500XT is just 8.9 inches long thanks to its twin fan design, making it a fantastic choice for a tiny form-factor PC.

In the end, the RX 5500XT will be capable of handling any game at 1080p with ease. Most games should be playable at that resolution on at least medium settings.


2. Gigabyte Radeon RX 580

Gigabyte Radeon RX 580

Radeon RX 580 from Gigabyte If you don’t have $200 to spare, another Gigabyte card, the Radeon RX 580 Gaming edition, is definitely your best choice. The 580 has been around for a few years and has always been a good choice for budget gamers.

This card, which is 9.1 inches long and has 8GB of VRAM, requires a 500-watt power supply. It also comes with the same WINDFORCE 2X cooling system as the RX 5500 XT.

While the RX 580 doesn’t quite equal the RX 5500 XT’s performance, it’s not far behind either. If you want to save $30 without compromising too much performance, this card is worth considering. It, too, is capable of playing 1080P games.


3. XFX Radeon RX 570

XFX Radeon RX 570

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t spend more than $150, the XFX Radeon RX 570 graphics card is a good option. The RX 570 trails behind both the RX 5500 XT and the RX 580 in terms of performance, but it can still run most games at medium settings on a 1080P display.

This card is the longest choice on the list, reaching 9.6 inches in length. However, it is still tiny enough to fit inside the vast majority of existing cases.

It also has a basic clock speed of 1264 MHz and 4GB of VRAM.

Overall, if you don’t have the funds for an RX 5500XT or RX 580 (or GTX 1650 Super), the RX 570 is the next best option. And, as of this writing, this XFX card offers the best value for money among the RX 570s on the market.


If you’re only playing non-demanding games like Rocket League, League of Legends, or Dota 2, you can save even more money by choosing an RX 550 or GT 1030 and without sacrificing anything in terms of performance.