Killer Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare

modern warfare finishing moves

While finishing moves are fairly new to the world of Modern Warfare, they’re not exactly a new concept in gaming. If you’ve ever played a single-player stealth game before, for example, you’ve probably seen something similar.

Tell me what is your favorite finishing move?

So, What Exactly is a Finishing Move?

Finishers are simply melee moves that you can pull off on unsuspecting foes, leading to a brutal (and unique) one-hit kill. They’re effective methods of rewarding stealth and patience in players who might otherwise find themselves outgunned by the enemies.

Technically speaking, the finishing move is also a tool to help balance out the utility of melee combat in a game that overwhelmingly favors using distance weapon. These moves are fantastic tools for those players who are willing to risk it all to get up and close with the enemy, helping to put a little bit more emphasis on movement in the game and taking away some of the utility that tends to come with camping. The finishing move is just one of the many changes made to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer that has helped reshape how rounds flow.

How to Equip a Finishing Move

Equipping a finishing move is fairly straightforward, but it’s not as clearly advertised as one might hope. Before you can equip the move, you’re going to have to choose a named operator – only they have finishers. Once you’re there, you’ll go into the Customize menu and take a look at all of your available finishers. Pick one from among those that you have purchased or unlocked and you should be set to use the move in your next round. If you notice that you can’t do finishers, you’ve likely forgotten to pick one from the menu.

How to Execute a Finishing Move

On a basic level, executing a finishing move is actually really easy. All you need to do is to get behind your enemy and hold down the Melee button. It usually takes a few seconds for the animation to finish, but your role in the process is pretty much finished as soon as you are correctly positioned.

The problem, as you might expect, is actually getting to the point where you can perform that move. Modern Warfare isn’t exactly a game that always rewards players for staying still, so you’re going to have to do a fair bit of maneuvering just to get where you want to be. Fortunately, there are some proven choices that will absolutely help you to perform finishers a bit more regularly.

The first, as you might expect, has a lot to do with your Perks. Any Perk that helps out with either sneaking or tracking foes is going to be very helpful to you, so think about incorporating them into your gameplay. As a rule, you want to choose something that’s going to make up for your own shortcomings in the game.

If you have trouble getting spotted before you can pull off your Finishing Move, for example, you’re going to want to look at something like the Ghost or Dead Silence Perks. If you are having trouble figuring out where the enemies are, on the other hand, Tracker is probably going to be a better choice for you.

The other big thing you’ll need to work on is using your tools. Tactical grenades are incredibly helpful when used correctly, especially if they can take the place of a Perk that you do not have equipped. Snapshot is awesome for figuring out which way your enemies are facing, while Stun is really good for keeping them off balance.

Which Operators Have the Best Finishing Moves?

One of the best things about the Finishing Moves is that they all basically work the same. As long as you’re using a named Operator, you’re going to get something that takes down your foes. Which ones are better, though, are really up to the individual player.

So, which ones are the best? In terms of attitude, it’s pretty hard to beat Alice’s ax chop or Minotaur’s suplex. Rodion has a really effective – and brutal – neck snap combo, but Azure’s machete is definitely among the more violent out there. As always, it really depends on what the player is looking for with this type of move.

Who else ranks at the top? Syd has a pretty good take-down with her knife, as does Krueger. D-Day is also pretty high up there on the brutality scale. Of course, virtually everything all of the Top Dog takedowns are in a league of their own. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Operators, so take some time to try out all of their finishers in order to see which ones work the best for your personal style as well as your preferred methods of play.