How Mobile Gaming Has Evolved Over the Years

It doesn’t seem that long ago when the most played mobile game like Tetris or a set of 16-bit-arcade games was in small plastic toys.

Tetris was the first-ever truly mobile game to be created, which Snake shortly followed.

Arguably these games changed the face of gaming, and so did the technology used to build them. Tetris was around in 1994; Snake is approximately 25 years old.

But once mobile gaming was available – once more people were enjoying playing games out in the world – without being attached to wires or a console or PC – the landscape was forever changed.

It’s so easy now to find the games you enjoy, finding the best mobile casinos is easy, downloading an app is fast, and you don’t need to switch devices. Puzzle games, sports games, casino games, RP games, and brain games are something for everyone.  

The Mobile Gaming Evolution

For most people, the thing about Nokia and GameBoy is when they think about mobile gaming (or those in a certain age group). However, in 1978, the Merlin was available, 1979 Milton Bradley Microvision, and then the 80s brought us the Nintendo Game Boy.

So far, these were all handheld consoles, but the mobile industry was growing too – and innovators in the industry saw a link that just made sense.

From those small lines on Snake trailing around a screen to an $85 billion revenue per year industry – mobile gaming is big, fun, and more innovative each year. Mobile gaming is so big that it dwarfs both the music industry and the box office!

What started as small 16-bit and 8-bit grayscale and green screen games morphed into full-color, tactile, musically interesting, graphically complex games.

The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

Smartphones are light, easy to use, hyper-connected, come with a lot of memory, and are easy to pick up and put down.

They are the perfect vessel to deliver the most loved games in the world. You can play poker on the train, HearthStone with friends worldwide as you lay in bed at night, or solve complex puzzles and be Sherlock Holms on your lunch break.

The mobile UI is one of the easiest to use and is packed with features, with every new phone model coming out making the user experience even smoother.

What Drives Mobile Gaming Forward 

We know where it started, and many people have even experienced those early days – but what is the technology creating a new breed of mobile game? It’s not just technology making a big impact in mobile gaming either!

  • Social Connection

Games are designed with a social aspect – and when you play them on your mobile, it is even easier than ever to invite others to join you. Even in the middle of a game, you can hit the share button and be given a range of options.

You can tweet a link to your game, share the code on Among Us, or Whatsapp a link.

The social aspect has led to a rise in gaming in general, but mobile tech and gaming make it super social.

  • Gesture Control

Tilt your phone to the right, and your player goes right, the same for the left, and picks up speed? Tilt it forward. Gesture control is one of the things that makes mobile gaming so enjoyable – it is tactile and gets more of you engaged in playing well.

  • AR

Augmented reality games have been around for years, but none managed to harness the power so much as Pokemon Go. A game that made people walk and meet in big groups to defeat bosses, win gyms, and more.

Everyone doesn’t use the AR – but you can catch pokemon in the wild around you.

  • Casual Gaming 

One of the largest groups of gamers is casual gamers. A casual gamer likes to pick up the game and put it down when needed. They might play three times in one day and none the next. Mobile gaming has been the perfect way for casual gamers to still play but in an even more convenient way.

Developers make sure that their mobile games cater to the players in every way and have either short games or games that can be paused and played later.

  • Internet

Faster internet means faster gaming, the rate at which the data can be exchanged means that people can play online in real-time. With 5g, mobile gaming is set to get even better.

  • Graphics

We’ve come a long way since the days of the green background and the pixels moving around. Now we have some of the most stunning graphics around on mobile games. VR has also been introduced to mobile gaming, and many headsets offer a unique way to play.

You simply put your mobile phone in the holder, and you get a low-fi budget VR gaming experience.

  • Access

Thanks to cloud technology, player accounts are available no matter what device the player is on. All they need to do is access their account, and they can access their progress, favorite games, and in the case of casinos, access to their bankrolls too!

And finally, one of the significant technological advancements is that it is faster and safer to pay for apps, games, in-game goods, and cash than ever before. You can top up accounts, withdraw winnings, add playtime, and more in seconds.