How to Tame a Boar In Fortnite

Wondering how to tame a boar in Fortnite? You might be surprised how easy it is.. Following their recent release, animals are now running rampant on the war-torn island. Fortnite offers a crafting system and mysterious anomalies that allow you to tame beasts. One of the newest tames is the boar.

If you’re like me, you might need all the help you can get on your way to another Victory Royale this season. The boar – a ferocious-looking protagonist of Fortnite’s Wild West setting Tilted Towers – joins the roster of battle royale combatants in basic gameplay, meaning players can slay it and harvest its piggie ham for use as an uncommon consumable.

Getting a boar to like you is similar to getting a wolf to like you in Fortnite. The diet of wild boars in Fortnite is pretty much what you would expect, given their name. That said, there’s an easier way to get boars on your team, but I’m going to take you through both ways.

Tame a Boar

Go to the dark patch on your map that is south of Colossal Crops. There are other places that you can find boars – any wooded area, essentially – but the pen is guaranteed to hold two or three of them. These are all the ingredients you’ll need, but it’s recommended that you rustle up some vegetables as well. Thankfully Colossal Crops is a good place for that..

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If you’ve done that, equip the food item and throw it into the pen. Taming the boar is difficult because it eats the food quickly, giving you a limited window of opportunity to capture the beast, and there’s another one ready to pounce. Contrary to their name, boars are not natural friends. They begin hostile and do great damage.

Instead, if there are three in the pen, kill two of them (preferably from outside the pen with a gun), and use the animal bones and meat you get from that to craft a Hunter’s Cloak. The remaining one should be easier to tame with just one boar left. Just don’t tell them what happened to their pals (and there’s only one way they can find out). Approach it and you should see an option to start your very own army of boars.

Despite being tameable, the boar in Fortnite will need some assistance before it can be used in battle royale. In order to command a boar in Fortnite, they first need something to eat. Almost any kind of meat or vegetable will do. You can tame a boar by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak at home with animal bones, gathered when you kill other animals such as bucks or squirrels. (though I’d recommend trying this only if there is at least one boar remaining). If the boar is not running away in fear, try grabbing them and feeding them. Boars love carrots. One might think that domesticated animals would be a safe bet for harvesting crops, but in this case, you’ll have to avoid the temptation of bestiality by not letting anyone know what happened to all those pigs back on Colossal Crops.