How To Stream Snipe Fortnite

What is stream sniping?

Remember when you played a split-screen game with your brother and he messed with the screen so he could cheat and figure out how to kill you? Well now instead of sitting next to you on the couch, he can do it by watching your stream live or past broadcasts on Twitch. Stream snipe in Fortnite is a form of cheating that involves the use of 2nd party software and/or program to watch someone stream gameplay on Twitch or YouTube then learn where they’re going so you can get an advantage.

How to stream snipe?

Streaming can be thoroughly enjoyable if you are in the same game as the streamer, but being lucky enough to end up in their lobby is no guarantee so it can take some patience.


The first step to stream sniping is joining a parallel match at the same time as your victim.

You can find other Fortnite players by “stream sniping,” which is when you see who’s going live and then queue up with them when they start a match. Once the game starts, you can track their location in-game by viewing their stream.

You should be able to find the streamer’s bus using their information, and once you’re on the same game path, you can enjoy watching the game with them.

Once you’re playing, look at where they are and try to predict where they’ll go in the next 15-20 seconds.

Streaming creators have a slight delay in their stream of what’s happening to how it is shown on the screen, which means you need to make guesses about where they will go next.

You can often find the player’s location on the map and this will help you to know if they are nearby or in a direction they have usually gone.

If you want to stream snipe, try anticipating where the user is going on their next game by paying attention to any hints they may have dropped. You’ll be able to get a leg up on them that way for when they’re streaming offsite and you’re trying to barrage them with sights from around the map. Make note of their skin color or outfit so that it’s easier for you in your next matches against him/her.

You’ll need to memorize what your favorite streamer’s character looks like in Fortnite, as there could be many players recording gameplay at popular destinations, such as Tilted Towers.


The next step is finding the streamer and fighting. But good luck!

Streamers don’t stream because they are not good at the game. The best way to be able to kill them is by being better than average, and it typically takes a lot of work or careful planning to do so.

To have an advantage, it helps to note the materials and weapons that the streamer has available. Is there a mine? Traps? Are they out of supplies?? Remembering these details can help you during combat.

If you know what items a streamer has on them (wood, material, etc.), you can form a building plan. For example, if they have low wood and metal supplies, try to take them out with a “build fight”.

If you noticed that they have a lot of materials or rockets/grenades, don’t build up too high because it won’t be difficult for them to use their good weapon to shoot down.

What would someone want to stream snipe? 

There are two main reasons people like to stream snipe

To stream snipe, you can try to join a player’s squad. You need to be on the same server and also have an open slot in your squad if you want them to fill out your team.

Streaming is a great way to play with other people, but there are many reasons why you may find yourself sniping a certain streamer.

This is the most common form of stream sniping, and it’s generally frowned upon. This is a pretty close approximation of cheating without actually installing any hacks or mods for the game, which would probably get you banned. 

Getting a stream snipe kill typically happens to give the other player a difficult time and grief them. It can also be a way to make your name more well-known if you get to defeat an already very popular streamer in-game.

Is stream sniping a legitimate strategy? 

stream sniping

There is not a lot of stream sniping in Fortnite, but it can still be an issue for some people.

Many people love when other players join their games in order to play with them, but not everyone does. Playing against strangers can lead to things such as griefing or trolling and some gamers don’t want to risk that as they try to enjoy the game for what it is meant for; purely playing.

Epic has banned snipe hunters in the past, but this is an incredibly difficult process to enforce, and proving it can be nearly impossible. So the risk of getting caught is low if you’re just playing casually.