How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite

Learning how to level up fast in Fortnite is key if you want any chance of completing tasks at the latest battle pass and unlocking all rewards. There is no easy way to level up fast in the battle pass. The best way is to maximize your XP gains so you can get through as quickly as possible. Want to level up fast in Fortnite? We’ve got all the info you need right here!

Complete the Daily Challenges

Level Up Fast In Fortnite

You are given a new daily challenge each day, and you can have up to three challenges at once. You’ll be rewarded with experience points for completing “quests” in Fortnite. Some quests involve catching items while fishing to searching chests in a specific location and so much more, and you earn XP each time. Even if you can’t complete the challenge that day, it is still worth logging in to collect them or checking out what challenges you’ve been dealt with. Fortnite is now available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android. As long as your device has connected to the internet at some point, you’re able to level up in the game by completing a daily challenge.

Don’t forget you can also re-roll one challenge per day if you don’t like what it’s offering. If you want to play solos but don’t have much of a selection in your friend’s list, it might be time for some quick level grinding. However, you can’t re-roll in weekly challenges. Instead, try to beat them until you get the desired grade.

Earn rewards every week for completing various challenges with the Battle Pass

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Unlike former seasons in which you had to buy the battle pass to complete all of the missions and weekly challenges, this season requires no money. There are missions that give you about 5,000 XP each week and each new challenge making it possible to earn up to 52,000 XP a week. That pace will allow you to complete the battle pass in no time.

If you’re struggling with any of the Fortnite missions, our handy guide has walkthroughs for all of the tough tasks from each week. Before the next season starts at the start of September, make sure you have gotten all of your rewards.

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Play in squads with friends and use Party Assist to complete challenges more quickly.

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If a challenge is giving you trouble, ask your friends to help. Fortnite offers the Party Assist functionality, which grants you the opportunity to complete a certain challenge provided that someone on your friend’s list can figure it out for you. For example, if you’re not getting many kills or finding enough supply drops then turn this on so that your party’s progression will count towards it.

Earn medals for smaller XP boosts

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While playing the game of Fortnite, you will be able to earn medals that are small achievements. There are many tasks that you can complete to accumulate stamps on your punch card. For example, you can gain a stamp by surviving longer in the match and/or earning kills. You may also receive stamps for searching chests.

Your “punch-card” will reset daily, so as long as you play every day, you can max out your XP and get a significant boost to the amount of XP gained through daily and weekly challenges. You’ll reach tier 100 quickly!