Epic Games’ Fortnite game is famous for its in-app purchases. Players can, however, return any purchased items at a later date if their tastes change. To find out how to get a refunds in Fortnite and learn more about returning the things you no longer want, keep reading!

In order to help you earn V-bucks, you need to get hold of Refund Tickets in Fortnite. The issue, however, is that refund tickets can be hard to come by.



Epic does not giveaway Refund Tickets for free, nor are they available in the Item Shop or from Redeem Codes. The only way to get them is when Epic rewards them or there are events that allow players to collect them. Recently, it was reported that there is a way to obtain more Fortnite Refund Tickets.

In the game’s Battle Royale mode, it is possible to earn one of these tickets if you reach level 10. Players can also get them during Halloween, as well as thanksgiving seasons. The easiest way to get hold of those items is by participating in certain Limited Time Modes that give players an opportunity to collect some free stuff instead of giving out V-bucks.

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Currently, Epic Games has increased the cost of all in-game items by 100 V-bucks, so players can get more Refund Tickets. However, once you’ve collected an amount exceeding your initial purchase’s value, you are not able to use them again. So choose wisely what to spend the money on!

The most common way to refund Fortnite purchases is through the in-app menu. It is possible to return any item purchased from the Item Shop within 72 hours, without any repercussions on your account.

To retrieve more Refund Tickets in Fortnite, gamers first need to exhaust Lifetime Refund Requests.

Users will need to pause the match and select “Reporting” or “Feedback” from the menu.

Once in the Report/Feedback menu, players will be required to click on “Report a Bug” which will open up the menu where they must navigate to “Shop, Locker and Lobby.”

There will be an option in the Shop, Locker, and Lobby menus that says “Rewards I earned aren’t appearing.” To proceed, gamers should select this option and click “Accept.”

Refunds ticket in fortnite

For Fortnite players looking for free refund tickets, they must follow an extra set of steps to complete the procedure. First, loopers will be required to pause the game and navigate to the Reporting/Feedback menu.

They will be prompted to visit the “Report a Bug” option. From the drop-down menu, gamers must scroll down past the first two options to find and select “Others.”

The first step to getting your refund is through the “Others” category. Click on Accept and complete the process. Gamers must send a message to an Epic employee and wait for their response

Players must go to the Chat option in the Locker. In the chat box, they must type: HTTP_Refund_Ticket_Free_OWN/88900110255777/OWN

After contacting the Fortnite developers, the user will be contacted soon to inquire about their refund request. Fortnite players will receive refund tickets within a week of raising the issue.