How To Get Good At Fortnite

Fortnite is the world’s most popular game, with a player-base in the hundreds of millions, there are some stiff challenges for all levels. Players compete as much for bragging rights as they do to stay on top of their game. With that said, we’re here to provide some tips about how to get good at fortnite and to optimize your settings for success so that you can come out on top against the competition and go home champion at last!


Find comfortable control settings

Get Good At Fortnite

Before you start playing, be sure to make a few adjustments to the controls. In the Game section of Settings, there are several options that you can change so it’s more comfortable for you. For example, Navigate to the Game section of Settings and use it to adjust anything from how quickly your character turns or runs to different button configurations.

  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Mouse ADS Sensitivity
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity

If you’re a console player with a controller – or if you use the same controls on your PC – adjust these instead:

  • Controller Sensitivity X
  • Controller Sensitivity Y
  • Controller ADS Sensitivity
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity

The following settings can be adjusted to your liking, but keep in mind that some more experienced users might disagree with your preference. There are plenty of player guides for adjustments that you can use as inspiration, which may have different sensitivities than yours. You may also increase the sensitivity if you feel like you’re skilled enough or need an edge over other players.

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Study professional gamers

Instead of just watching other gamers, actively study them. “Why did they take up that weapon in the first place?” you might wonder. or “why are they building this structure in this location” What high-level players do has nuance and if you don’t actively study their play, you’ll miss out on a lot of details.

After studying some of the best players, try to replicate their gameplay for yourself. If it’s not working or you don’t enjoy that style of play, watch a different streamer until you find one that appeals to your eye.


Practice building structures

Regardless of which strategy you choose, practicing and learning from your mistakes is key- as we have discussed in another Fornite Building Guide. This does not mean that you should randomly build the same thing round after round but instead learn from your mistake to build better in the future.

Struggling to create structures quickly because of your dexterity? Take steps to improve it so you’ll be able to build a structure in no time! Missing the ins and outs of how the shelter is broken into? Figure out what’s giving that tactic trouble than work on imitating those approaches. There are so many different ways for players to mess up building, but figuring out what’s causing you the most chaos will save some time.

One of the most common mistakes people make when building storm shelters is actually over-building. Considering you are constantly closing in on your own goal, it’s best to wait and build only as much shelter as necessary. You don’t want to waste precious resources until it becomes absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you risk exposing yourself to storms or going out into battle while collecting materials leading many strong opponents.


Practice aiming with the best weapons

Get Good At Fortnite -1

The last way to improve your Fortnite skills is one of the most tedious. Improving one’s aim doesn’t happen overnight — even the best players spend years mastering their skill. One way to speed up this process is by practicing with weapons you’ll be using in-game, like assault rifles and SMGs.

Each weapon in Fortnite is not as unique as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but there are still nuances to each one of them. You’ll often encounter the M16, which is a common weapon that should be mastered sooner rather than later. As you fire at long-range targets like snipers or players on hillsides, your shots will grow wider gradually after firing for a while. When firing and aiming rapidly with this gun, try to only tap the trigger instead of pulling down on it with full force every time–this will make much more sense when trying to hit enemies far away from you.

After mastering the M16, you should move on to a tactical shotgun. Memorize how much time is required between each shot, and the range at which it’s accurate. Learn how to switch back and forth from pistols to shotguns quickly too.

In the Fortnite game, one of the most important weapons is the Scar. It’s similar to an M16 but has its own quirks. Plus, it can be hard to find a scar as either an Epic- or Legendary weapon; make sure you use all your ammo when you have it and don’t switch back until you find another one. But if not… beware! You might have a long wait before getting this gun again.


Improving your Fortnite skills takes time

Becoming a skilled Fortnite player requires long-term hard work. However, once you’ve found your preferred in-game settings, it is easier to make progressions. Now you can try to mirror the gameplay style of your favorite players whom you “copy”.

The most efficient way to improve your building and aiming skills is to work on them in parallel. While it may take a while, the skill ceiling is limitless so you have all the time in the world to grow.

Fortnite has introduced many new locations and weapons, so it’s important to figure out if any overpowered items have been added to the game.

In Epic, players can connect with other people and compare their creative maps through Island Codes. This feature is useful if you ever start to feel bored or overwhelmed by the game.

The gaming company gives players the opportunity to practice their skills and memorize a strategy. You also always have the option to forget about your opponent killing you shortly after you hit the ground. We think it’s always useful to maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

However, you can’t start at the top of a battle system. You’ll need to build up your ratings and achievements from the first level. The strategies we’ve outlined in this article are an excellent starting point for developing your own strategy or facing other challenges.

If your goal is to become a Fortnite pro, you should devote time and effort towards practicing the game. It will be advantageous for you if you accept that many of the best players are significantly younger than expected.